We Are RSM

RSM is a 101-time award-winning advertising agency. We’ve produced 3,000 ads for brands around the world.

Staffed by a team of award-winning creative and political professionals, RSM is based out of sunny Phoenix, Arizona (the sun’s Vitamin D keeps us creative!) and offers political advertising services, including creative production, media consulting, and media placement.

With RSM, you get Big Ad quality at Small Ad pricing. That’s why countless clients large and small trust RSM to deliver ads that are both visually stunning and surprisingly affordable.

We do TV ads, films, online videos, radio, media buying, and a lot more. We’ve advertised in movie theaters, billboards, direct mail, fundraisers, Pandora, YouTube, and even XBOX games.

Thanks for checking us out! We’d love to earn your business!
– The RSM Team

Quick Stats:

  • “Best of the Best Overall Campaign” in the 2012 Pollie Awards
  • $250 million in TV advertising
  • 3,000+ ads produced
  • 56 Pollie Awards
  • 42 Telly Awards
  • 3 Reed Awards
  • 2 International Awards
  • 15 Years producing ads…and counting!

In the court of public opinion, Richard Sales Media, LLC just rocks! Richard Sales Media LLC – A winning court record if there ever was one. Richard Sales Media LLC court records victories for its clients!

"Your work for American Crossroads has been excellent! You've got a great eye, a keen sense of timing, and a penchant for powerful pay-offs. Well done!"

− Karl Rove, Political Strategist

"Best of the Best Overall Campaign of the Year"

− The American Association of Political Consultants, 2012

"This may be one of the most effective web ads I've seen in a while"

− Ed Morrissey, Hot Air