RSM goes International. Congrats to the new Australian Prime Minister!

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Congrats to Tony Abbott, the new Prime Minister of Australia!

RSM produced several videos for the Liberal Party of Australia, the center-right party down under. Partnering with IMGE, we put together some kickass ads, including:


RSM scripted, shot, and produced “The Choice,” while generating tracking data for Facebook profile pictures to connect via Facebook Connect. The video pulls your Facebook profile pic, and lets you choose which future you want for Australia — even pulling 5 of your Australian Facebook friends that you can share the video with.

We also produced this epic piece slamming the broken promises of then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, which was released in the final week of the campaign as we raced to the finish line. The video received more than 280,000, making it the Liberal Party’s 3rd most watched video of all time in a matter of days.

We want to give thanks to the Liberal Party of Australia and IMGE for trusting RSM for their advertising needs.

Read more about the Liberal Party’s “decisive win” here.

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