Award-Winning Ads

RSM is a critically acclaimed ad agency, having won 100 awards in the last 5 years alone.  And more than 3,000 ads to boot.

Our team of talented producers, writers, and editors will work together to create amazing ads for you. We start by determining your objectives, thinking up creative concepts, then writing scripts for your approval.

Once your script is approved, we’ll handle all the logistics — from finding actors, determining locations for the shoot, directing voiceover sessions, video editing, audio editing, and more. Then if you have edits, we’ll work with you to make sure we get it just the way you want!

Media Buying

Our team of veteran media buyers will make sure your ad is seen by your targeted demos. And at a fraction of what the big, bloated agencies cost, RSM is affordable too.

Just set your budget, and we’ll put together a media plan that fits that budget. We’ll identify key stations and cable systems your ad needs to air, as well as how heavily it should run to maximize effectiveness.

Best of all, RSM does not charge the industry standard 15% commission! We’ll work with your budget to determine a rate that works best for you. Our competitors may not like it, but we want to earn your media buying business by offering low rates the others won’t!

Online Video

We’re the experts in online advertising. RSM has earned our clients more than 90 million views and counting in viral and paid advertising campaigns.

One of the great things about online video is the ability to push the limits of creativity that traditional TV ads don’t allow. Go beyond 30 seconds and tell your story for as long as you want. Crank up the sound effects and blast the music. Be a little risque with your humor. Get grungy and gritty with your effects. Most of all, have fun.

People watch online videos because they’re fun, attention-grabbing, emotional, and share-worthy. At RSM, we believe in really pushing the envelope to reel in the views, while also driving home your message so your audience takes action.

TV Advertising

We’ve produced over $250 million in TV ads on everything from energy companies to Las Vegas casinos, political figures to newspapers. The biggest names trust RSM.

Ever see those crappy local TV commercials? You know the ones — bad audio, bad graphics, bad everything. At RSM, we believe “affordable” doesn’t have to mean “bad.” We use the best cameras, the best editing software, and the best practices to make sure your ad looks like it belongs in a national ad campaign.

That’s because we’ve actually produced national TV ad campaigns that have to look their best for a wide audience. Give us a try. You’ll be amazed at our quality advertising…and even more amazed at how little we actually charge!

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